The pneumatic system by Campagnola fulfils
the needs of
the operators looking
for top result
in total safety....
Campagnola offers practical,
easy to be used and
extremely efficient tools,
which can be both operated
by a lithium-polymer battery,
carried by the operator,
or a 12 V car battery...
  Hand Tools     Engine-Driven System
The new Campagnola tools
for the hand pruning...

      Two engine-driven
      tools for olive

news chainflu
ALICE is the only electro-mechanical olive harvester which, thanks to its brushless motor and its control electronics, can maintain the amazing power of 550 Watt and speed of 1150 beats every single minute of its working day, this way granting a constant harvesting efficiency and result. On the contrary, the electromechanical tools fitted with a direct-current motor and not endowed with a control electronics loose 30-40% in power and speed, as the battery gets discharged.
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Cobra and Mastiff electric shears
Dear Customers, we wish to inform you that it is compulsory that a maintenance overhaul of the Cobra and Mastiff electric shears is carried out at the end of each pruning season or every 400,000 cuts, in order not to make the 2-years’warranty become void.
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New electronic shear "Mastiff"
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New electronic chain pruner "Puma"
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New electronic shear"Cobra"
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Price List 2012/20013
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