Alice  Harvesting head
Alice is the harvesting head for any olive variety and tree, without any difference between well-pruned plants, which are adaptive to mechanized harvesting, or very thick ones, either grown in flat or in hilly regions. The unique and patented double movement of Alice rakes is an important novelty. While the rakes shift sidewards, all the teeth move in rotatory, opposite motion, creating a 8x7 cm ellipse, which allows a wider harvesting radius. This special clapping and waving movement minimizes the vibrations transmitted to the whole tool and, consequently, to the operator. Thanks to the choice of special materials, Alice is really very light, but extremely robust. The rakes carry out 1150 cycles per minute and are made up of 11 interchangeable teeth. These are thin, but robust, have two lengths and can deeply reach within the branches.

Alice is based on a harvesting head, an extension pole, a 12 V electric motor and a cable con- nected to a power supply unit, the latter being either a car battery or a portable backpack lithium battery.
Create ALICE according to your needs:
Extension poles
R165.0104 - Fixed extension pole R5, made of aluminium 45 cm
R165.0101 - Fixed extension pole R2, made of aluminium 170 cm
R165.0105 - Telescopic extension pole R6, made of aluminium 150÷220 cm
R165.0103 - Telescopic extension pole R4, made of aluminium 185÷270 cm

Power unit
POWE.0116 - Alice Power 12 Unit - Power Unit
POWE.0108 - Power Motor 25 Alice - Power Unit

Power supply unit
POWE.0003 - POWE.0004 - Lipo - Battery Backpack

OPTI.0210 - Trolley for the 12 V car battery
0120.0633 - Polyurethane, power supply cable, 15 m
Technical data
• Double movement
• Lightness: 1220
• Teeth made of thermoplastic resins
• Ideal for any olive varieties
• Speed: 1080-1150 rpm
ETRA.0115 1220