C1  Traditional vineyard shears
Classic hand-held pruning shear, designed for any kind of plant and particularly suggested for vineyard pruning, it is provided with soft bumpers which prevent hand joints and muscles from getting tired and sore.
C1 (FOMA.0100) hand shears are offered in sets of 6 units each (KITS.0251), but three more possibilities are available:
6 C1 shears + 6 C2 shears (KITS.0257)
6 C1 shears + 6 C3 shears (KITS.0258)
6 C1 shears + 6 C4 shears (KITS.0250)
all of them in the useful counter display.

0207.0112 - Holster for C1 shear
Technical data
KITS.0251 250 Ø25