C6  Curved, grazing anvil-cut
This hand shear is characterized by the peculiar anvil-cut, carried out by its curved blades. The mobile blade reaches the curved, aluminium wing of the anvil and performs grazing cuts leaving no protrusions on the pruned surface.
The slim shape of the blades allow the operators to penetrate into the thickest plants.
The aluminium wing is separate from the anvil and is easy to be replaced without disassembling the whole shear. The blade group is made of steel with high carbon content, hot forged and hardened
The handles are made of aluminium alloy and have an ergonomic shape, making the operator’s tasks less tiring. The non-slipping covering grants a better grip.
C6 hand shears are offered in sets of 6 units each.

0207.0112 - Holster for C6 shear
Technical data
KITS.0255 251 Ø25