Lion 940/1500  PTO compressors
Strong and compact, the Lion compressors have been made to fulfil the requests of the big farms, which have a kind of cropping (row cropping, etc.) that does not allow tractors with bulk compressors to move. A robust ABS hood leads the cooling air towards the compressor block and protects the moving parts. They are equipped with a 620 litres air tank. When it is air-filled at 14.5 bar, it allows various operators to work with shears or harvesters with a long autonomy. Lion 1500 is equipped with a compressor block with a cast iron cylinder and a valve plate for a highly professional use, since it ensures excellent performances and long lasting reliability.

OPTI.0300 - Lion 940 trailer w/o on-road circulation homologation
Technical data
• High pressure compressor block with cast iron valve plate (CPLI.0805)
• 3/8” filter regulator and lubricator
• 5 quick taps unit
• 620 litres air tank
• Automatic pilot valve/unloader
• Pin for assembling a hose reel
CPLI.0605 820 620 14,5 12 4 1-2 150x160x115 321,5
CPLI.0805 1500 620 14,5 15 6 2-3 150x159x108 355,3