Mastiff  Electronic shear
The strong electronic Mastiff shear has been created for pruning orchards, olive trees, citrus groves, parks and gardens.
Operated by a very ligh lithium battery, carried in a comfortable backpack, it offers 3 cutting modes, which, together with the SERVICE mode, make its use and maintenance operations much better:
• 100% Automatic Mode: The mobile blade reaches the maximum opening and then closes up automatically, as soon as the operating lever is touched. The shear can cut 35 mm diameter branches very quickly.
• 70% Automatic Mode: With the same operating way, the mobile blade opens only 70% to reach the thickest branches and to increase the cutting speed.
• Proportional Mode: It is the suggested mode for precision cuts and for the first days of the shear use, since it allows the operators to get used to it. In fact, the result is a progressive cut, since the mobile blade movement is controlled by the operator’s finger pressure on the trigger. Therefore, it is used as if it were a manual shear. This mode guarantees top safety while cutting.
• Service Mode: This mode gives indications about the blades adjustment and the cut number. It makes the maintenance operations easier.
Campagnola always pays a lot of attention to safety at work, so Mastiff has been fitted with various locking devices, in case of non-use or overheating, and with accessories, such as the holster for carrying the tool or the arm-fastener to keep the cable close to the operator’s arm.
This extremely light shear is characterized by an ergonomic hand grip, with an anti-slip rubber part, and by a perfect balance in the weight distribution, for an utmost comfortable use. A very important feature is the blade group position: Mastiff becomes the prolongation of the operator’s arm, who is no longer compelled to make unpleasant and tiring twists of his wrist while pruning.
The battery has a 15 hours’ autonomy, allowing to work all day long and to be recharged during the night.
Even if it has the same dimensions and weight as the other similar, already available models, it is no doubt the fastest and most powerful electronic shear in the market.
Technical data
• Shear weight: 950 g
• Battery + backpack + electronic unit weight: 2860 g
• Cutting capacity: Ø 40 mm
• Battery voltage: 51 V
• Battery endurance: 15 ore
• Ergonomic body/hand grip unit with anti-slip rubber part
• Automatic, electronically controlled battery-charger
POEL.0002 950 Ø40 51V 15h