MC 550  Self-propelled engine-driven compressors
These engine-driven compressors are mounted on balanced trolleys and are equipped with "garden" wheels. All this makes them very stable and easy to move on uneven or steep ground. All the MC engine-driven compressors are provided with a special pneumatic self-regulating device, which stresses the engine only during the air tank recharge and makes it idle when the maximum pressure is reached, thus saving fuel and parts wear and reducing exhaust gas and noise pollution. They also have a 3/8” filter regulator and lubricator and a safety and retaining valve.
Technical data
GX 200 Honda gasoline engine, 6.5 HP
• 3/8” filter regulator and lubricator
• 3-quick-taps unit
• 14-litres air tank
• Automatic pilot valve/unloader
• Pin for assembling a hose reel
MOTO.5530 537 14 9/11 5 2 1 71x100x65 97