MC 1200 Kombi   
MC 1200 Kombi is an engine-driven compressor which can be both hand-towed or carried by connecting it to the three point hitch of the tractor. It is fitted with a 1200 l/min, twin-cylinder and twin-stage compressor head block and with a 11 HP Lombardini diesel engine. Therefore, since it is not operated by the tractor engine, fuel consumption, noise pollution and gas exhausting are strongly reduced. The pneumatic, self-regulating device automatically cuts the engine rpm to the minimum, when the maximum power is not needed, while it increases them, when the tools work. Moreover, the engine-driven compressor is equipped with twin 14 litres air tanks, a 3/8” anti-condensation filter/regulator/lubricator unit and a pin for assembling a hose-reel.
Technical data
LD 440 Lombardini electric-start diesel engine, 11 HP
• Electric start
• 3/8” filter regulator and lubricator
• 5 quick-taps unit
• Twin 15 litres air tanks
• Automatic pilot valve/unloader
• Pin for assembling a hose reel
• 3 point hitch to the tractor for the transport and tow bar
MOTO.5820 1200 diesel 15+15 9/11 10 5 2 90x127x120 273