Mod F/6 U  Pneumatic lopper with aluminium extension pole
The most powerful loppers in the Campagnola range can cut branches up to 50 mm thick with a minimum effort. They are matchless for any cutting operations thanks to the special profile of the hooked blades. F/6 is the ideal tool for forestry pruning use and for green area maintenance. its peculiar feature is the “double action”. The blades are operated by compressed air for both the cutting and the blade opening stroke. This lopper is available in various lengths up to 3 meters.

The length refers to the extension pole only
Technical data
FOPN.0500 2,170 Ø50 100 10 direct hand grip    
FOPN.0586 2,630 Ø50 100 10 50      
FOPN.0587 3,000 Ø50 100 10 100      
FOPN.0588 3,400 Ø50 100 10 150      
FOPN.0589 3,800 Ø50 100 10 200      
FOPN.0590 4,200 Ø50 100 10 250      
FOPN.0591 4,550 Ø50 100 10 300