Olistar Diablo / Diablo 1800  Pneumatic harvester
Olistar Diablo is the direct evolution of Olistar Metal Top and optimizes the penetration among the branches. The new design allows the teeth, which are thinner and longer, to penetrate deeply into the foliage and to obtain the best olive harvesting results without damaging the tree. The motor is fitted with a magnesium-alloyed body, which makes the heat exchange easier, this way avoiding that condensed water freezes in case of low temperature, stopping the tool. It weighs 1000 g only and thanks to the perfect balance of its moving parts, it ensures a top comfortable use, since it has no vibrations in the handling points.
Technical data
• Working radius: 25 cm
• Weight: 1000 g
• Special rake structure (patented by Campagnola)
• 20-cm-long teeth, made of technopolymere and interchangeable, flexible and round shaped, excellent for penetrating among the branches
• Total protection of the moving parts for a lower wear- and-tear of the transmission elements and reduced maintenance operation
ATRA.0270 1000 200 7          
ATRA.0271 1000 150 6