Super Star 2 P/5  Pneumatic shears
Super Star 2 P/5 can perform any kind of pruning operation. it has inherited from the world-wide famous Super Star the qualities having determined its success: speed, blade group alignment with the shear body and easy maintenance. The new Super Star 2 P/5 has obviously been improved, such as in its cutting capacity, which is 31 mm, and in its ice-free valve body, made of acetalyc resins.When connected to an extension pole, it can cut branches up to 5 meters high without using any ladder.

PACK.0918 - Adapter for the connection with an extension pole
Technical data
• Double operating lever with active safety device for a 30% reduction of the operator’s efforts
• Ice-free valve body in acetalyc resins
• Connecting rod seal to fully protect the inner parts
• Connecting rod/piston group for a 15% increase of the power
• New fixing system for the blade group
FOPN.0235 620 Ø31 80 10